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football (soccer) match. I have started analyzing football data in 2015 and started betting on European football in 2017. I had some success and some failures and learnt valuable lessons on strengths and weaknesses of models and betting strategies. My goal with this book is to help you get where I am in much less time.

Creating a Profitable Betting Strategy for Football by Using ...

betting on the winner of the championship) are popular. In addition, there are nowadays numerous exotic variations of football betting, especially in spread betting where punters can bet on bookings, shirt numbers, corner kicks, etc. during a match. We take a look at the different types of betting in the following sections. 1.2.1 Pari-mutuel ...

The Ultimate Professional Guide to Winning at Sports Betting

This book shows you how to exploit the difference in betting prices between two or more bookmakers resulting in a GUARANTEED profit BEFORE the event has even started. Read that again. A GUARANTEED profit BEFORE the event has even started. What is more you will know exactly what profit you are going to make before the


soccer betting DATETIME COUPONWIN HOME DRAWAWAY WIN DATETIME COUPONWIN HOME DRAWAWAY WIN 28/08 13:30 202 4/10 Manchester City 4/1 Arsenal FC 7/1 28/08 16:00 198 1/1 Aston Villa 27/10 Brentford FC 26/10

Football Betting Strategy PDF - Winning Secrets (Formula 101 ...

Football Betting Strategy PDF Winning Secrets (FORMULA 101). This ebook is the mentor to everyone that wants to become a successful soccer punter which you wants to predict and win everyday from football betting. This ebook contains every tutorial you need to learn to become an Expert Soccer Tipster. You will see -: 1. How to predict and win. 2.

Statistical Methodology for Profitable Sports Gambling

This project evaluates the performance of betting systems using as many real-life elements as possible. Starting with a gambling record of more than 600 bets that were actually placed at an online sports gambling website, a Monte Carlo simulation is carried out to compare different bet selection strategies and staking plans.

9 Books On Sports Betting You Should Read Before You Bet

Amongst bettors and bookmakers, this book is regarded as a classic. This is unarguably a must-read for any bettor who is honestly willing to invest. This book is the sports betting bible, and upon reading it you will soon find out why. It is long, and for some that may be disheartening but give it a chance.

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Top 10 Sports Betting Books #1 Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games are Won by Tobias J. Moskowitz & L. Jon Wertheim. ”This book attempts to overturn some of the most cherished truisms of sports, and reveal the hidden forces that shape how basketball, baseball, football, and hockey games are played, won and lost.”

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This book by King Yao, author of the widely-acclaimed Weighing the Odds in Hold 'em Poker, should be used as a guideline to sports betting rather than a blueprint. The sports betting market changes and adapts quickly. The underlying principles shown in this book should help you adapt and continue to make good bets even when the market changes.